~Where the World goes around~

I have learned more coffee makers today has a set timer. As I got up this morning to find my coffee cold. Maybe that just means I need to get up when Debbie does so I can get hot coffee or I just need to forget the idea and go for the Iced Coffee. Okay so Emily has started moving all around the house and boy I can’t keep her out of anything. It was funny today however as Debbie left a cup on the floor and Emily found it. (She knows what cups are used for as she tried to drink out of it but found nothing inside it.) So she put her little yellow duck inside of it. I think she was trying to help the duck out but I am not sure. Well Debbie is working late today as she will be working late every Tuesday from now on. (I am not a big fan of that but oh well) Debbie did get promoted however this time with better pay! I am always a fan of better pay. Anyway with Debbie working so late that leaves me to cook dinner tonight. We are going to have a Jerk style Chicken and Rice w/pea dinner. Great stuff! Well off to start cleaning the house as today is cleaning day. Wait with Emily everyday is cleaning day. I can’t wait till she gets to start helping.

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