We got back from the eye doctor the other day and everything seems to be healing well. He has put me on a new drop to help with some pain and burning I have been having the past week. (OTC: Opti-Free rewetting drops and I have to take a Flax Oil) the reason I am taking the oil is he says that if my eye does not get to 100% in the next month or so then they will have to put me on a med to take for a while. But to help move things on he said if I take Flax oil every day then this will help with the healing part of my eye plus build a strong heart. We talked for a long while this past time about life and all the issues I have had over the years with my GI stuff. He is not a GI doctor but just wanted to know for him self. He gave a lot of info just as a friend more then a doctor. (He is really smart as a person and Doctor in all areas.) Debbie made it in the top 10 agents in the USA with her company again this week. And seems to be doing well has the weekly paychecks are starting to prove that. Lets hope and pray that is keeps up. I have a new site open check it out I will try to update it weekly.

In His Grip,

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