Bind for now!

As you may not know I have been blind for the last few days. Here is a link to get you some what up-to-date. (Recap) Okay so were we stand today we went back for a post-op visit with the Doctor and everything seems to be healing well. I have been taken off a few of the Meds and are down to go back in for anther visit in two weeks. The pain has gotten better and I can stand to be in bright room or outside for a short time now. However I can only see out of one eye for now. Let’s just say being blind is not fun but it did give me a good outlook on how it feels to be blind for a while. I found that there would be really no point to having a Xbox 360. When you buy a car get one with a big backseat. It helps when you leave doors open inside the house. How do you play the last track on the CD player if you can’t see it? If you are walking in front of someone who can’t see don’t just stop without say so or moving out the way. What is the point of a web cam if you can see it. Oh and seeing the New Years Ball drop is not that important when you can’t see. Your cell phone and Ipod become your new best friend. (learning how to use both is the key) Oh and something else you notice when you can’t see things is how fast kids grow over a short time. Anyway life is not yet back on track but things are getting better with being able now to see out of one eye. Other then that nothing else new I think. The holidays where good for the most part and things went as planned. I am hoping now that I can see a little I can read in my new book and use my web cam a little. Oh we now have Skpye and we have really enjoyed talking with family. Oh I got my bike trainer and loving it. I got to ride it for the 1st time today due to not being able to see to put it all together and it felt great. I feel like I got a great workout. I am open now for any good indoor biking DVDs to watch. Oh well, Maybe more later!

In His Grip,

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