Looking Back

Well it stormed last night and it seems to be still raining out. Emily is feeling better and I am still cold…..Oh Wait. the A/C is on…. Not much to report today. Debbie is back to work and I am just made a great lunch. I now need to go walk it off. Christmas is around the corner and coming so fast. It just like it was just summer. Things go by so fast when you are busy. I guess now is a good time to slow down and enjoy the time I have. In some ways I wish I had more to do then I do now, but all in do time. I am sure life for me will pick up soon. Talking about life passing us by Emily is growing so fast. she can roll over and starting to sit up by her self. She even moved across half of the room last night while laying on the floor. I can’t wait till she starts to talk and walk. I reminds me of the girls. They where so cute when they ran all over the floor. Debbie and I was talking last night about when it will be nice when Emily can put her own stuff up and take her trash to the trash can. Oneday!! I think after talking with Debbie we are going to try to keep our car rides this Christmas year to a min. We plan on going to South Carolina to see family and then we will just spend time with Emily, instead of going all over the world. If we had the time and money we would love to go out to Debbie’s Family in CO, maybe next year. Oh I got my Driveway Patrol in the mail and I am glad I have been waiting for it for over a week. It is to help tell us when someone comes down the driveway. We can keep a watch out. and to keep the unwanted out. just a little something to keep us a little safer.

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