Todays Ads

Coca-Cola has come out with the Christmas ball. It is a fun little bottle and the best part is it hold more coke. I think they will only be out for a short time due to a loss they may lose on each drink. But great for we buyers. Go get one today. I found this one at Wal-mart. Well it is getting warmer but I only think it is for today. I am not sure yet but I think it will be really cold tonight. 😦 Emily got her shots today and seems to be in a little pain today. She has slept most of the day. Debbie is working late today and I am starting to get cold after sitting here blogging, I think I need to get me some blog socks on. Other then that not much to report today. I am waiting to get a few things in the mail that I hope will make our house a little safer. After talking with a police officer the other day and researching some things online I have found a few things that will help keep people from braking into your house. I will share more later on that topic. Okay because I did an ad for Coca-Cola I have to have an ad for Mini Babybel Cheese If you have not gotten one YOU HAVE TO GET ONE! It is sooo.. good. It just melts in your month and boy they are so fullfiling. The best part is they are only like 2 points on WW, but the down side of them is they don’t sale there where we live so we have to drive all the way to South Carolina to get them. Last time we went we got all they had. Have a warm night and Happy begining of the Holidays get a Coke and Babybel! LOL 🙂

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