Well. Saturday night was a really good night. We start off helping Debbie’s boss move some desk and office stuff in their new office downtown. Then we headed out to Evans, GA where Debbie’s spends most of her time working in. It was a really nice area. One that I think we could spend more time in in the coming years. We ended a nice night kinda like a date night stopping by Starbucks to get a nice hot cup of coffee or for me a nice iced coffee. We got up this morning and went to Vineyard Church out in Evans. It was a nice church. Smaller then I would thinking it would be but was nice. I enjoyed most of all that it had a cafe/family feel. It smelled good with all the candles in the building. I am guessing they had about 30 or 40 lite all around. and then really nice crosses and wall posters hanging off the walls. The Pastor was even a CIU grad. Over all it was okay. Other then that we ended today watching a 2 hour movie of 24 that aired on FOX tonight.

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