Mr. Sock

It seems as if Emily can’t keep her socks on. We went shopping the other day and found that Emily was missing a sock. So Debbie and I go hunting for it in the store. We found it next to the ice cream. Hummm…. I think she might be saying something. We get home and her sock is gone again. this time it is in her car seat. I get her up today and find that her sock is on the floor next to her crib. (is she trowing things now?!?!) I one again put it back on. After feeding time I find that once again it is missing. This time after running around the house looking for it I found it in her seat on the table. This time I just left it there. I think is a new kind of game she is playing with daddy. Well I am not sure if it a really fun game at this point. I am just waiting to see what happens when she gets shoes. What joy! šŸ™‚ Note: In the picture she has only one sock on! But still seems to be happy. Soon I think she will just walk away.

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