~House of Crazz~

This is Emily’s God Parents and Dear friends of ours home. Let me Shout the word “Home” and not house, this is a place they live, eat and sleep. It is not just a show house or something that they can come to for a weekend trip. I am not even sure if I could sleep there. But I have to say out of all the homes I have seen this one ranks top. When I tell people about their house being like a Museum. They always seem to doubt it. So I took pictures this time to show what great it really is. I did however take out a few of the Office/Study pictures. But I will be posting them a little later in the week and talking about it as it is my Dream Office/Study that I would one day love to have. It reminds me some something Indiana Jones would have. Anyway Enjoy the following Pictures: And A Big Thanks to the masters of the house or should I say museum. LOL


2 thoughts on “~House of Crazz~

  1. What a fun place to visit! Love that in all the “museum” displays there would be a fun touch of humor added. Like the antelope with the gold necklace or the boar with little hat hold a newspaper. Thanks for sharing!

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