~Puzzle Picture~

This is a picture of a puzzle one of our boys did before leaving to go off to camp. In fact he is our only boy currently in the house now. We are down to only 3 children two girls and one boy. At this point I am not sure if we will ever get any more kids. I have been told by 3rd hand that we will get a full house again before school. but again that was not told to me by admin but others. The past few weeks Debbie and I have gotten away to our farm. It has been nice to getaway, rest and come to a point in life that seems to slow down from our busy lives as houseparents and living in the city. In many ways I seem to enjoy it more and more each time we leave. It makes me think of the Amish when looking the word Amish it comes out as best known as the “simple life”. I am not sure what’s so wrong with the simple life. Their dress they call “plain”. But looking at what some people wear now in the world I think “plain” is not so bad from some of the things I have seen. I know when Emily get to age I want to see her wear plain instead of some of the trash that is around today. The thing that gets me is most of them meet on Sunday mornings in members homes for Worship instead of a church building. Doesn’t this sound like a home group!?! I think That is so cool. From my past looking back as a pastor when a church spits the 1st thing they do from my past is start a home group. I think it is a great idea to meet in the home as it does not become about a building to worship instead it is a place that they come and worship in. Something else I find really neat is that they end education at grade eight. Then they are off to work full time and learn life lessons. There is so much that seems to be neat about the Amish. However there are a few things that I might would stay far from. Because of intermarriage among the relatively small population, a higher incidences of certain inheritable diseases occur. Marrying your cuz?? Noway!

till we meet again!
In His Grip,

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