~Bluetooth Do’s & Don’ts~

The Bluetooth is an industrial specification for wireless personal area networks known as (PANs). A Bluetooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as Cell Phones, laptops, PCs, even printers, digital cameras and video game consoles over a secure, globally unlicensed short-range radio frequency. (in other words a cool High-Tech wireless ear “thingy”)

DO’s & DON’Ts:

DON’T sleep with your bluetooth.

DO wear your bluetooth in the car while driving (if you must be on the phone while driving) in some states it’s a law to have some kinda headset for your cell phones.

DON’T pick up your bluetooth headset while in the middle of a conversation with someone who is actually in front of you.

DO carry your cell phone on you as well as taking the bluetooth. (some bluetooth may have a short distance you can go before losing your signal)

DON’T wear two bluetooths, one in both ears. (I have seen this and this is so not cool)

DO wear your bluetooth if your using both of your hands working or carrying things in the house.

DON’T wear your bluetooth at the dinner table with family or friends.

DO keep your bluetooth charged at all times.

DON’T take a shower wearing your bluetooth.

DO make sure your bluetooth is off before talking about people or things you don’t want the caller to hear.

DON’T use your bluetooth in the restroom (On that topic: DO NOT use your cell phone period in the restroom, It’s rude and makes you look crazy)

DO take you bluetooth out of your pockets before washing your cloths.

Last DON’T wear your bluetooth in church.

I just got my bluetooth in the mail this morning. I am so happy, maybe this time it won’t get washed or even lost. I got it on ebay for only $5.99 plus shipping. I love ebay and i have found the best time to bid is less then 10sec before the time is up and bid around noon when everyone is at work or away from there computers. I also got a new IPod for $33.00. They both where a great deal.

In His Grip,


One thought on “~Bluetooth Do’s & Don’ts~

  1. Should also say “husbands shouldn’t leave them in their jean pockets so the wife, who checks for wallets and keys, don’t miss the tiny think jammed in the pocket while doing laundry.”🙂Love you!

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